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High Access Projects comprises of Commercial, Industrial and Technical divisions enabling us to service all sectors of the market.The safety of our staff and customers is our priority. We have an impeccable safety record. Our technical teams are compliant with the stringent OHSACT regulations.

Window and Facade Cleaning

We offer a cost effective, safe and efficient window cleaning service from one storey
to – well the sky’s the limit.

Telescopic Water Fed Pole Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

This methodology has proven to be an effective, safe and economical solution which is environmentally friendly, with minimal impact to the  surrounds.  Our Reverse Osmosis systems are unique, green and are custom designed  to suit our operational needs and futher enhance operative cleaning results.

High Level Cleaning

Using a permutation of access methods and equipment i.e. rope access, mobile platforms, access towers etc. High Access Projects specialises in the High Level Cleaning of Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Warehousing sectors.

High Pressure Cleaning

Our specialized high pressure equipment, chemicals and innovative cleaning  methods, enhances the aesthetics of buildings and substrates meticulously and efficiently.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Competent fall arrest technicians’ clean Solar panels including those in hard to reach areas.

Lift shaft Cleaning

Skilled technicians are trained to clean glass facades, steel structures, lift shafts and pits.

Basement Cleaning

Oil spills and tough stains are chemically treated and scrubbed mechanically to yield a spotless basement floor.

Wind Turbine Cleaning

Cleaning of the Internal  and external facades of Towers and NACELL’S including platforms, guard rails, ladders, service lifts and structures are expertly executed.

Silo Cleaning

Our Technicians are accomplished in cleaning in confined spaces and elevations.

Glass Replacement

Experienced Rope Access Technicians can assist with both the removal and installation of glass panels to the external facades of buildings.

Safety Installation and Certification

Anchor bolt installation, testing and certification is provided according to  industry standards and regulations. Certification of safety mono-rail and trolley systems is available.

Technical Solutions

Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt Installations and Certification is provided.

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