High Access Projects is a specialist high level cleaning company providing a range of services to customers where safety and access is challenged. High level cleaning refers to any form of cleaning that takes place above 3 meters as OSHACT Regulations come into effect when working at height.

High Access Cleaning Division:

  1. Window cleaning
  2. Pressure washing of buildings (exterior facades)
  3. Warehouses/show rooms/shopping malls.
    • Roof truss’s, steel structures and lighting covers
    • Aircon ducting, air vents, bulkheads and piping
    • Skylights and domes
    • Lifts, lift shafts and lift pits
    • Racking
  4. Painting and light maintenance

Management of Operations Includes:

Quality Control:

All projects and jobs undertaken are supervised and managed on a daily basis. Inspection and audits are undertaken unannounced by one of our operations managers to ensure quality of work.